For the love of Art

For the love of Art


Are you in love with the art you live with? Read what the experts say about choosing the best art for life!

The space we occupy has an energetic effect  providing joy, love, and comfort through the things  we surround ourselves with.

If you have ever thought of aquiring art you might ask where to begin.  This advice from ZIA Gallery tells us  the best way to buy art is to buy what you like when you see it for the first time.  Your instinct will never fail you.

“When asked what  type of art do you like?  Most of our gallery visitors are a bit stumped when questioned about preferences for modern, impressionistic, mixed media, photography, sculpture, etc.   Most gallery visitors unfortunately are looking for a piece to compliment their interior décor. Collectors, on the other hand,  are looking at the artwork, they appreciate the work and effort that goes into creating the piece. They normally do not buy to match the color of a wall, or to find something that fits the wall.  Some collectors follow an artist or gallery, and look for something they can appreciate and intrinsically value.” Often a piece just speaks to you.
I have a gallery of images that may be perfect for you, or consider having a piece inspired by you, one that expresses YOU.
It’ worth thinking about.


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